Camp Lohusalu with the kids

The five-day-camp in Lohusalu is over and I think I can say that, mentally, it was perhaps my hardest camp ever. Physically not so much (because as an athlete it’s of course physically more exhausting), but being alert 24/7 and solving all the issues made me pretty exhausted. But truthfully, this exhaustion is only an extremely tiny part about the camp because coaching these kids is always a ton of fun! Of course we had some minor “problems” (read: kids will be kids :D), but in general everything went well and I had great time! As an extra to the regular sailing we also had SUP boards there and I got to try it for the first time. It was awesome! I was a bit worried at first that how can I assist the kids if I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle myself, but turns out, no worries. It wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be. On the contrary, it’s something I believe anyone with a little balance can do. Now I’m dwelling on the idea of having my own board so I could hang out on the water in a slightly different way that sailing whenever I want. And speaking of different water sports… One evening we went wake-boarding with the older kids and it was a ton of fun! I’m so happy I managed to get up after one year break from last year! Overall, the camp was exhausting, but so awesome! Now my kids (that I’m coaching) are having a one week rest which means that I get to train double myself! Wohoo!

Thank you HeyDay for the juices, Bliz for the glasses and ProKaamera for the GoPro Hero5 Black!


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