Legs like spaghetti

First “double day” is over and I actually feel kinda weird. At the same time I’m exhausted and energetic. I guess the energy comes from the happiness that I get to train as much as I’d like to every day. Let’s see if my body feels the same tomorrow… Anyways, my day started with a 2-hour sailing session with the Estonian Sailing Academy sailors. The weather and conditions were perfect – sunny, warm and nice wind. I enjoyed today’s training very much! After sailing there was very little time to grab some food because the next training was gonna start very soon and I knew it’s gonna require LOTS of energy. So instead of the Academy physical training I went to Karla’s stairs workout. One hour of stairs and then some core exercises – that’s how the spaghetti was made today. To get a better idea of the training, check out the the vlog I made for Piotr’s channel some time ago (LINK). Today’s training was very similar to that one. So now I’m laying on the sofa and gathering strength to go brush my teeth and get to bed so I could be ready for tomorrow!


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