I won with the charter-boat-lottery!

The calm mindset I described in my previous post was kind of blown away once the organisational part of the Worlds came to light. It all started when my Lithuanian friends Vika and Milda went to get their charter boats. And in case you were wondering.. No, we’re not too comfortable to bring our own boats to the Netherlands, this is a mandatory charter event meaning if you want to race, you have to charter a boat – to make the boat situation more equal for everyone, or that’s what they “intend” to do. So Milda got herself a brand new boat, just as it’s supposed to be, but Vika got a boat that has been chartered already at 2 events before this one. Okay, slightly unfair but no biggy, right? Well here are some photos of how the “equal to a brand new” boat for the Worlds looks like:

And on top of that it had a lot of water inside, meaning it was leaking from somewhere. Cherry on the cake was that the boat provider had initially no intention of fixing it and the very important ILCA representative (not to name names) didn’t care either. He even made it clear that we, the athletes, are one very tiny unimportant piece of the puzzle so why should he care. Well, now the boat got fixed, or as fixed it can get so fast and hopefully it will be okay. So most of us, women, got new boats and some got used ones. Luckily only a handful was as bad as this one here, but still it makes this burning feeling of unfairness grow inside. But, as the headline says, I won with the charter-lottery so I pulled a paper out of a hat that gave me a new boat. First victory of this regatta I guess.

As another thing I’d like to show you what we got as an extra to a ridiculous charter boat situation for all the money we paid. To clarify, let me tell you how much you have to pay to enter the Worlds: entry fee 335€ (395$) + charter boat 925€ (+450€ deposit) = 1260€ ( 1710€ with deposit, paid months in advance). We got a hat, a magazine about Medemblik, SailCenter plastic bag, leaflet, SC tape and, drumroll… a printed out paper that says we can go pay with a credit card… They didn’t even bother to print it out with colours.

So now I’ve gotten to write it out of me and I can tell you it wasn’t easy to write it today. Not because I’m so emotional but actually the opposite. Today, it seems like such a distant  situation. I got my new charter boat, set it ready, passed the equipment inspection, took it out on a test ride and I guess now I’m ready. Or, as ready as I can be with as much preparation as I’ve had. I’m really really hoping to be able to bring my best tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


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