Ready for the Worlds?

I’m sitting in a surprisingly comfortable chair in Tallinn Airport, waiting for my flight that will take me through Stockholm to Amsterdam. Final destination Medemblik, where the Radial Women’s Worlds are this year. I’m flying there late, only a few days before the regatta starts, just in time for the (mandatory) charter boat allocation. I will have two and a half days to set everything for racing. Am I ready?

Well, the past week has been extremely busy for me. My kids are having a regatta next weekend and it’s killing me that I can’t be there to support them. So I’ve had to organise everything for them to make it easier for them and the substitute coaches. I’ve been trying to handle everything and even yesterday I felt like I shouldn’t go to the Worlds. I felt like I’m not ready, not prepared enough. And I’m not talking about the trainings, though there’s a long road ahead of me in that department too in the future, but I’m talking about everything else. I felt there’s so much to do and I’m not handling it. I felt things are not in control and therefore I can’t go racing. Because I need a clear, confident mind for good performance. And I was lacking it, until now. Surprisingly, the moment I stepped into the airport I felt how confidence and clarity kicked in. I feel good, calm and confident. Things that needed to be done are either done or waiting for me to get back. Now all that’s left is to get to Medemblik, receive my charter boat, try it out and set things ready for racing. Now, now I feel ready. Things are in order and I’m on my way. I hope it will be a good regatta and I will be able to sail my best. I don’t expect to jump over my shadow, but maybe reach the edge of it this time. I want this. I’m ready. Now I am.


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