Long time coming… the Worlds

I’ve been pushing off this post for an embarrassingly long time now, but after getting back I’ve been crazy busy. There’s a lot to do with the sailing school and managing everything for the big changes ahead of me.

I’m not happy with my result from the Worlds, but I’m not sad about it either. It’s not the result I went there for. My goal was gold fleet.. it’s been too long since I’ve qualified to gold fleet at the Worlds, but I intend to change that next year. So I finished my Worlds with 75th place. I had some good days and bad days. The conditions were difficult and I haven’t had nearly as much time or funds to train as my opponents so I struggled. My starts were better than before and down wind speed has improved as well. But my sailing wasn’t as smooth or automatic as was required to make quick decisions. So I didn’t make it to gold fleet and managed to drop with the last day’s lottery races as well. Not because the races were lottery but because my mind didn’t have enough capacity for these quick decisions required in such difficult conditions.

So now I’m not really dwelling on my Worlds and the disappointing result, because I know what I need and want from the winter and future and all my energy is going into that. And the Europeans coming up in the beginning of October in Barcelona.

I guess this post is a bit raw and not exactly smooth, but at least it’s honest 🙂


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