How is Poland treating me?

It’s been a while since my last post and my apologies for that. I can finally say that all of my things have been unpacked, first training camp of this season is done and my house-project “the office” is starting to come together. Which, as you can imagine, means my time spent in Poland has been very busy and eventful.

The training camp in Szczyrk (by the way – I can pronounce it now!!) was one of the hardest camps I’ve been to in the last years. The general idea was having basically 3 trainings per day, but since my fitness level is not as high as needed yet, I couldn’t push my body too hard in the slightly higher mountains conditions. So I took it a bit easier and tried to listen to my body. The mornings started with a half an hour swimming session which were super nice and I have to say that if you ever decide to start with swimming trainings.. don’t use glasses that are 10 years old, foggy and scratched – make the investment and get new ones! I finally did and this time I actually enjoyed the swimming sessions very much! Later in the day we had breakfast, followed by an endurance training which meant running/walking in the mountains. Well, walking for me, since my heart rate going uphill was already high enough in rather slow pace. But that’s the key – monitoring your heart rate during your trainings and adjusting the intensity to it. After some well-needed lunch we had an indoor training session which was honestly my favourite part of the whole camp. My eyes lit up the first time we entered the sports hall and I found out we’re gonna play some volleyball! Having played basketball for many years during my school-time and always happily participated in any kinds of team sports, I was beyond happy to get to do it again!

As you can see from the daily activities, the place we stayed in had quite a lot of possibilities for athletes. This was something to really admire! A facility with very nice rooms for athletes to stay in. And I’m not talking about 30 years old interior and bunkbeds.. I mean actually very nice and good quality rooms with athlete-suitable mattresses. The food was tasty and healthy – even half the desserts were some strange healthy versions that I’m still in the process of learning to like. And facilities for trainings – anything you can wish for: sports halls, gym, swimming pool, fitness hall, outdoors sports fields (many many different), seminar rooms and recovery possibilities! As you can imagine I was completely exhausted after this camp and my body felt like it’s broken since everything (muscles) was hurting. But, two days of rest and recovery and I was ready to go! We started with trainings in Rehasport again and a new body composition test! I lost 1kg of fat and gained 1 kg of muscle with just two weeks! This means things are moving in the right direction! I hope you’re feeling as motivated as me and really enjoy your training process!


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