Welcome to Poland!

There it is! My big news is out – I moved to Poland! I’ve been intentionally keeping myself from saying anything about it on my blog or social media because my sailing kids and their families deserved to find out about it directly from me. The idea to move here started already in the middle of summer but it was a hard decision to make. One of the hardest things was having to quit my job as a coach in Lohusalu. I had literally the most amazing kids in my trainings and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t cried about it. But all in all I know I had to make that decision for myself. I moved here to be with the guy I love. But more than that I moved to be able to focus 100% on my sailing. And that makes me very excited and happy!

We packed all my stuff and some furniture into Piotr’s car and a small trailer and started driving a week ago. We took it easy, visited his grandma, relatives and parents on the way. Two and a half days later we arrived in Gdansk where we’ll be living. The next three days were already very busy for us. Every morning started with a training with the Polish National Sailing Team – either functional circuit training or biking in a forest. The rest of the time was spent on cleaning, organising, unpacking and getting necessary things for upcoming training camp. So far everyone’s been extremely nice and welcoming! I am super grateful that their team and coaches have accepted me in their trainings and events so nicely!

Yesterday we came to a place called Katowice for a maritime trade fair. Piotr and some others of their team were kind of like honorary guests there and were presented on the stage. After that we had a very lovely dinner in a fancy seafood restaurant with foods I had never tasted before. I’m still not a big fan of seafood (proved by trying an oyster for the first time… which didn’t go so well), but surprisingly enough well prepared octopus was very tasty! It’s a very nice experience for me to see how their Sailing Association is organising such a nice events and really focuses on making them feel like a team. I’m very grateful to see it and to be included! And even more grateful to get to come to the mountains training camp with the whole Polish National Sailing Team! We just arrived here this morning and so far everything is great! I’ll tell you more about this place and the camp once the trainings will start! For now, you can try to pronounce the name of the place – Szczyrk. And nope, I can’t say it yet!


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