The usual Spain… not so much!

I just spent 21 hours traveling back home from Cadiz with lots of different means of transportation: car, train, bus, 3 planes and Uber. Even though it took forever I could almost tell you that it was a nice trip with nothing untypical happening on the way, especially compared to my previous travel back from Cadiz (2 delayed flights, no info about it, a woman trying to jump out of the plane and some drunk guy standing up right before landing), but we got ambulance (not for me!) on the plane right after landing in Gdansk.. So I guess me and traveling home from Cadiz just don’t go well together.

I went to Cadiz as a support person for Piotr during his Europeans. Since my boat was traveling from Gran Canaria to Palma, I decided I can do physical trainings there just as well as in Poland so why not do 2 things at the same time. I was hoping for some nice sunny Spain so I could go biking a lot without freezing my ass off. But instead Cadiz turned out to be stormy, rainy and rather cold. Didn’t keep me from biking but would have been nicer with some warmth. However we did get some cool photos with the big waves on one of the days. The photoshoot ended with both me and Piotr fully covered in salty water. And no, we did not go swimming 🙂


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