How I won but also didn’t

The Estonian racing season for Laser Radials is finally on! We had our first Estonian Championship series regatta in Pärnu last weekend. Which is why me and Piotr traveled to Estonia for a week. A week which I thought I will spend relaxing at my home-home, but that’s not really how it happened. As I should’ve expected, meetings and important things started piling up and I actually didn’t even manage to do everything I wanted to. I managed to see my accountant, visit Bliz, Science in Sport and had a super nice meeting at the HeyDay headquarters.

On Friday we went to Pärnu for the regatta. The weather forecast was extremely unpromising and it seemed like we’re gonna be lucky to sail at all. But in reality we had one race in struggling light conditions and hiking all the rest of the time… except for the final race, but we’ll get to that later. I loved the strong wind with perfect waves for downwind surfing. It was so much fun! It wasn’t easy to surf the waves, but if you worked well, you could fly!

I sailed good, with some mistakes, of course, but I still managed to be at the top of the scoring board after each day, growing my lead to 11 points by the end of the last race. So this is how I won…the main regatta. Ever since we’ve had the final races format, it was bound to happen that one day even a big lead after the fleet races will not grant the victory since the final race can happen in completely different conditions. Opposite to the normal races, our final race was sailed on the river in very light wind and lasted only 12 minutes. Ours was definitely the most interesting to watch since me and my main opponent Keith switched places throughout the race. Eventually he got the better lift and even though I caught up with him in the last downwind, his last gust took him over the finish line less than half a boat-length before me. So this is how I almost won 🙂

And even though I didn’t get to stand on the highest step of the podium (well, actually, no one did…there was no podium, only stage) I’m very happy with my sailing in the normal races. And I did take the Women’s first place anyways. And these two things make me happy. And the fact that I’m starting to feel the boat more and more and my steering is getting back to where it was a few years ago!


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