The place where cold, wind and rain are a normality

I’m back from Germany from the Kiel Week regatta. It was cold, windy and rainy… just as expected, or feared. And I guess the second most important piece of information is that I finally got into GOLD FLEET!! I mean, it’s Kiel Week, not Europeans or Worlds, but the level was high and the wind was blowing every day. And the truth is, my fitness level is not where it needs to be yet so I was very happy to sail well enough to qualify to gold fleet in these tough conditions.

I also managed to pick up some stomach virus right before the first racing day and therefore struggled with a constant stomach ache, and some more troubling stomach issues.. haha. Which is also why I didn’t race on the last day. But now I’m back home, feeling better and I have to say it’s damn good to be home.

I’m happy with my result in Kiel (38th place) but even happier to be back home and continue training. Since the Laser U21 Worlds are in Gdynia next week my coach is here with two Radial girls and I get to train with them before their regatta. I have to say there are some exciting times ahead before the Worlds in August so – stay tuned!


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