Week in Snapshots // Happiness from trainings

I can honestly say it’s been an incredible week! I was supposed to go to Lithuania, to Nida for a training camp this week but due to my small budget decided to stay at home instead and focus on fitness before the Worlds. I’ve been getting so much positive energy and happiness from my trainings lately. For example, yesterday I had a late evening gym session and I was so excited afterwards that I couldn’t fall asleep. I tried reading a book to make me more tired, but my current read is about the great sailor Ben Ainslie and… reading about how competitive he always was and how much effort he put in his racing made me even more excited. I couldn’t wait to go biking today!

Another great thing about this week has been my time spent in Rehasport here in Gdansk. I’ve had this knee pain since the Europeans where I hit it on the 2nd day and it hasn’t gone away in 2 months… Stretching and rolling didn’t really help. But now I’ve had some good (and painful :D) physiotherapy sessions and it’s getting better. It’s such a relief and a source for positive energy to see that something is moving in the right direction.

And to get to the topic of this post, I’ve decided to make a short post about my week every Sunday and show some photos I’ve taken during the week for no apparent reason 😀 I’d forgotten about taking photos lately and figured it would be nice to have some snaps to keep for memories. It’s been a great week and I can’t wait for the next one! Trip to Estonia is coming!


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