November 13, 2019

The new beginning, kind of.

Hi! I’m Anna and this is my blog. I figured I should probably start by introducing myself and giving a little insight as to why I’ve found my way back to writing again and what you might find from this blog going forward.

So without further ado, let’s get into it. I’m 26 years old Estonian girl and am currently living in Gdańsk, Poland with my fiancé, who, as you may have guessed, is Polish. We are both professional sailors and Olympians. However, there have been some changes in my career path in the past year. I will get into the details in my upcoming posts but shortly put, I am doing my Master’s degree in International Business which is totally different from my Bachelor in Sports Education. It might seem like an odd change of track but I just felt I needed to push myself in a different direction than sports for a change. Additionally, I worked as an HR Office Intern this summer and autumn but had to quit because I was unable to manage, let alone enjoy all the work I had when this semester started parallel to my work. And there you have it, the short intro to who I am, or more like where my life is at the moment.

I’ve decided to start blogging again because, well, mostly just cause I like it. And also because I am finally figuring out what I want to do with my life and how I want to live it, and couldn’t think of a more enjoyable way to keep a record of it. This means that this blog will not be defined by any category, perhaps other than lifestyle since I want to document my thoughts and the things that are happening in my life. So hop on, I hope we’re in for an exciting ride!

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