January 14, 2020

84 days of “progress over perfection”

Here I am, writing this post in the middle of the night, or more like 2,5 hours before I would ideally be waking up. But I promised I would hold myself accountable by writing a post every evening for the next 84 days which is the equivalent of 12 weeks. I chose this time period because that’s how long my Shona Vertue’s fitness and mobility plans are. I have set myself a rather thorough training plan that includes HIIT, yoga, weight lifting, running and mobility. And already today I failed to complete all of it. But that’s okay because my motto for this period will be “progress over perfection” since I need to try a slightly different approach this time. I will simply do whatever is plan for that particular day, regardless of my success the previous day. I will not carry the need to fit in all the previous trainings I’ve missed. I will just try again every day.

And apologies if this post isn’t very smooth since my mind isn’t working that well at this hour. I was planning to be way more thorough with my analysis of the day and evaluation of what went wrong, but I simply can’t get my brain to focus well enough. So I guess this is good night for now! Soon I will be in the proper schedule and no posts will be written at such hour.

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