February 18, 2020

A year to look forward to

A few days ago I realized that I am incredibly happy. Not like constantly smiling kind of way, but just inside. I realized that this is going to be an amazing year, that so many parts of my life, and the future that I want, are falling into place. That everything that has happened up until now was meant to be, and it laid the foundation for the next steps. So let me tell you a little about what I’m so excited about.

I will finish my studies at the University of Gdansk and will get my Master’s degree in International Economic Relations with a specialization in International Business. This, of course, requires me to pass one more semester and finish my thesis, but I am certain I will make them happen. I also need to get my professors to agree to let me skip classes for 4 weeks in April and then leave the studies 2 weeks before the semester is over with all my exams done by then as well. But, I believe I can make that happen too.

Why do I have to finish my semester sooner than it’s scheduled? Because I am moving back to Estonia at the end of May!!! We made the decision about where we want to build our future almost a year ago, and this is just a little bit ahead of schedule, and the planned time of moving. It will also mean living apart for a few months, which, of course, is the worst part of the year, but next to a lifetime, a couple of months is nothing and this allows me to pursue the career I want.

And I would LOVE to write all about that career, and where I will work, and when will I start, and why I know that this is the best thing for me, and how this is what I’m great at, and was meant to be. But since I’m still waiting on some official documents, I have to keep it a secret for now. All I can say is, that I realized a while ago that this is my dream and I am super excited that this career path is available to me.

Another thing that is happening this year that is making it THE most amazing year ever, is the wedding!!! I cannot wait to get married and start our common life together. We have lots of planning ahead and even though August is half a year away, we need to start hustling more to get everything done in time.

And after the wedding, Piotr will be moving to Estonia as well and we can finally really start building our life together. I am extremely grateful that he is willing to move to my country and build our future there. I know from experience, it’s not a small thing to do and will always be grateful for it.

Additionally, like in a good old TopShop advertisement, THAT IS NOT ALL! 😀 We are also taking a puppy!! A white fluffy unicorn of a dog! I am so excited and cannot wait! But wait we must, because we are taking a purebred, one that is not very common in this part of Europe. Even though the wait is killing me, I know it’s worth it because this breed is literally like a unicorn… almost impossible that such a dog even exists!

I don’t really know how to finish this post… I just know that there is so much to enjoy and look forward to this year. And I am more determined than ever to make all these dreams/plans come true. It’s gonna be a lot of work, but totally worth it!

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