23 hours in emergency room in Barcelona

Today is the first day of the European Championships but there was no racing due to the strike about the Catalunya Referendum. All the sailors are really pissed about it, understandably so, and I would be too… except I’m not. I’m grateful. As to why? Well, explaining that is a slightly longer story so get comfy!

My traveling to Barcelona started early morning in Tallinn airport with a nice meeting with my manager and the first flight took me to Istanbul. I had about 4 hours of waiting there and trust me, that’s not really an airport you’d like to spend hours in. It has some shopping possibilities, but it’s extremely crowded and dirty. I was happy to finally get on the plane to Barcelona, only to start feeling sick and some discomfort in my stomach. The last hours of the flight I just couldn’t wait to get off and lay down somewhere. After landing, receiving my baggage and some waiting in a cafe, Piotr arrived and we took a taxi to our apartment. So my long trip here was finally done. But turns out, that was the least of my problems.

The next day I started feeling more and more pain in my stomach. And that, added to the general exhaustion, made me stay in bed the whole day. The pain kept getting worse but I was hoping it’s just gas or something and hopefully it would go away. Well, it didn’t, it just kept getting worse. Unfortunately it wasn’t any better in the morning either. Thanks to Piotr’s help I managed to pass my measurement in the afternoon so regardless of me being completely not ready, all the technicalities for me to race were done. So after measurement we decided my pain is unbearable and having only one day till racing, it needed to be fixed. That’s when my “adventure” in the Barcelona Hospital emergency room started.

We got there in the evening around 6 and everything started surprisingly fast and nice. They took my information, tagged me and sent me waiting for the doctor. After the first doctor’s check their initial thought was I might have problems with my appendix. Lots of tests, tons of waiting, a horrible “sandwich”, a night in the ER room and 23 hours later I was finally out of that place which eventually felt like a prison. They forgot about me more times than I can count, kept information from me and didn’t want to sign me out. Their patient care was horrible. I spent the night in a tiny bed in a room that looked like an oversized shower cabin with white tiles and a yellow curtain. That curtain was the only thing between me and the emergency room. Every time we asked for a doctor or some information about my situation we got some nurses response that they don’t know and they don’t care. Thankfully I had Piotr there with me all the time, otherwise I don’t know how I would have survived, maybe I’d still be in there. Finally I got out of there, feeling almost too weak to walk and starved. So 23 hours later I had less pain, knowledge that it’s not my appendix that is hurting me (but some inflammation they didn’t know the reason to) and felt extremely exhausted and starved.

Therefore I had to make the difficult decision not to start today – the first day of the Europeans. I just couldn’t get in the boat with the pain, sickness and exhaustion. Luckily for me there was no racing today so I didn’t get two DNS scores today! I’m still nowhere near 100%, but I’m here to race so tomorrow I’m planning to get in the boat and sail the races, to the best of my ability. Well, even lifting up a bag from the ground is exhausting right now, but the forecast promises light wind so hopefully I’ll be fine 🙂


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